The Offline Contests Method

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The Offline Contests Method

This is also easy as it revolves around wording. The method is offline so the question of getting it saturated never arises. The scope of this method is even bigger than the “Free Scholarship” method.

First, you need to get a good domain like Cash Free Money
where people fill out CPA offers for you in hopes of earning or being selected for a free gift or item. Make sure that your site has a refer-a-friend feature where people refer their family and friends to get more chances of winning an item.

Next create some attractive flyers and go to your local malls, colleges and other public places. Hand out these flyers to people over there, stick them to cars and bulletin boards. To maximize your earnings hire trustable people at other locations and ask them to do the same.

After advertising, you should have a lot of traffic for your website and this will be great. Make sure you have advertised your website in a large locale so that many people are aware of it. The money you’ll make out of these promotions will be so much that you will not feel a pinch giving out a free item. Make the offer juicy so that you have a lot more people in the running to win an iPad.

You can make your site go viral by including a Tweet feature as well as posting video testimonials of the people who actually receive an iPad from you.

Everyone loves free items and your site can easily go viral if you fulfill your promise honestly. Many such freebie sites are raking in tens of millions of dollars in CPA commissions and you can better these numbers by adding Offline Contests into your arsenal.