The Free Download Method

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The Free Download Method

Millions of people use internet to download popular videos, albums, movies, ringtones, wallpapers and software for free. You can make a lot of money if you can get these people to fill out CPA offers for you.

First you need to do a little bit research about what people want the most. You can use any free or paid keyword tool for that purpose. There are always hundreds of thousands of members searching for popular albums, movies etc. and these numbers rise at the time of release of popular movies.

For example, with the coming of the free music and ring tone downloads, most people are likely to be typing the word, “Download free music”. Usually with only one search, so many pages will appear, sometimes even millions. Therefore, it is imperative that yours appears in the first or first few pages. To do that you’ll have to first do proper keyword research. See what keywords have got the least amount of competition. Then create a new blog and optimize it (both on page and off page SEO) around those phrases. You’ll be monetizing this blog with related offers.

The next step is to hide your content with a gateway. Adscend Media provides one such gateway. There are other networks out there that have similar gateways, and if you want to customize your own gateway I have software that I can share with you. When customers log online to check out the free downloads, they find your site and visit it. Before they can download the desired item, your gateway covers the page and re-directs the visitors to your CPA offer link where they are requested to fill up a registration forms that translate into more money for you. To entice the person to register as a user with the affiliate company, you can use a catchy phrase like “Please fill in a little survey to be able to get your download. It’ll take only a few seconds”. The tone that you use with this section should lay it out clearly that this one is a compulsory step because actually the user will not be able to access the freebie if he/she does not sign up.

The keyword here is free. Therefore, you can do this with any other thing that you think people would want. This is like free movies, free television shows, free ipods and many others. People love freebies and therefore they will follow your link up to the affiliate company’s website where they will register in as users without knowing that you are cashing in on them. Some of the most searched freebies are:

Free music
Free e-books
Free movies
Free computer games
Free computer software
Free desktop computers

The catch word is free. Just stick to it and see it working its magic for you. You are only required to be a little diverse and create several links that will lead to your website because people are always asking/typing questions like “where can I find free…?” Get creative, use your imagination and optimize your site for all the keywords these people will be searching for. You can create multiple sites for different items. There is virtually no limit with this method. A lot of people are making thousands of dollars per day by monetizing their free download sites with Adscend Mediaand other networks.

This method is just great for the video networking sites, social networking sites as well as the answer sites. You should especially keep a close check on the answer sites as it is they that generate a lot of attention and thus you will be able to drive a lot of traffic your way. This could for example be as easy as artistically putting down your answer as a link on the answer site. Something like, ‘you can have your free, music downloads from this site (list your site) and then, ‘just complete a simple offer and then get your music. This is fast, I have done it and I know” such a link will prove irresistible for people.