The What’s Happening Method

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The What’s Happening Method

If you are a quick action taker and have an eye for detail, this is the method for you. It is related to celebrities and their private lives most of the times but can be any news or event which is generating a lot of buzz. Make sure you have all the juicy details about such like things and you will be profiting when millions of people will be searching on the internet for all the details about what Paris Hilton did or commenting on what Mrs. Obama was wearing.

Not only do Hollywood celebrities come into the picture, the same happens with politicians and generally all public figures. If something is being contested hotly in the news, make sure you have a landing page that has offers in between. Make sure you have asked the right questions, the ones that will get the Paris Hilton’s fans and haters on the internets. Ask something like: do you think her new hairstyle is totally hot or just…? Whether they say yes or no, really does not matter, but get them to give you their zip code and smile all the way to the bank. If you are part of Hollywood’s paparazzi, you should be feeding off the celebrities but if you are not, you will realize that these things don’t happen everyday; so keep this as an opening for the day something does happens.

Use Google news and Google trends as resources. Google news updates the news all the time and then look at Google trends. If a lot of people are searching for any news or event, it’ll be right there in Google Trends.

Another great place to feel the pulse are: Twitter Trends and Yahoo! Buzz.”Twitter trends ” is my favorite tool to be updated with what is currently hot. Twitter with it’s hundreds of millions of users, reflects the trends of the whole internet community. Another great thing about this system is that Twitter being an instantaneous communication platform, updates the latest hot trends on minute by minute basis.

Almost every week events happen which take the internet by storm. Some of them die out within days while others continue to create the buzz for weeks. For an example: a lot of CPA marketers made small fortunes when Michael Jackson died. No, Michael didn’t leave his fortunes for them, these marketers made money by funneling the enormous traffic surge caused by this news to their CPA offers (ringtone offers mainly). For about a month or so after Michael’s death, 9 out of the 10 ringtones downloaded were related to his songs. There were a lot of marketers who created sites with his pictures, videos of his performances and other related news and items, monetized them with CPA offers and made more in that short period of a few weeks than most IMers make in full year.

News of such scale don’t come out everyday but there are enough news and events to feed you with sufficient amount of traffic to generate at least a few hundred dollars on a daily basis. There is a lot of scale up potential here. Try to use all the free traffic sources like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and paid ones too (PPC and PPV).

It’s not very difficult to make thousands of dollars per day with right choice of news. Use the same thing to get people to vote on the performance of a new picture etc; be able to move in the nick of time and you will be laughing all the way to the bank. It’s so easy to make money with this method as there will be virtually no competition if you take action fast.

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