Top Ten Free Traffic Generation Sources

September 5, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Well contrary to popular belief, and as you’ve probably found out, just because you built a website does not mean you will get traffic to it.  I’d almost equate it to building a business in the middle of the Sahara desert, because frankly there is not much traffic there.  In order to make money in ANY business you need traffic, and for that my friend I give you my top ten free traffic generation sources.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, which basically means getting your website indexed and ranked in the various search engines, with Google being the king of them all.  Get your site pages ranked in the tops spots for a few popular keywords and enjoy the free ride!

Social Marketing – I’m obviously talking about Facebook & Twitter, and these two alone can bring in massive amounts of traffic when done correctly.  For some marketers, this is the ONLY source of traffic they use.  Facebook fan pages, groups, and Facebook ads are just a few mentions that are worth looking into further.

Classified Listings – Post your ads with links to your site on free classified sites like Craigslist, Backpage or any number of similar classified ad places that not only provide a link to your site but will bring in some free traffic too!

Blog Comments – Leaving comments on other peoples’ blogs, as long as it’s valuable and contributes to it will be well appreciated.  Like classified listings, these will provide link backs and traffic. Whatever you do, do not spam!

Youtube – Really, next to Google, Youtube can provide a HUGE amount of traffic to your site.  Create catchy videos that people are interested in, and if one goes viral watch your traffic soar!

Question & Answer – Utilizing sites like Yahoo Answers to both ask questions and solve other people’s problems can bring a good amount of free traffic to your site.

Flyers – Tons of marketers make a killing using this tried and true offline marketing method.  The right creative and locations can bring in huge amounts of traffic.

Drop Marketing – Another offline tactic marketers use that involves dropping advertisements in public in large quantities hoping people will pick it up.  Most popular is using drop cards that look like folded up money, which is sure to get anyone’s attention!  Just Google for drop cards or drop card marketing for manufacturers and more ideas.

Article Marketing – Article marketing in it’s prime was all the rage and could bring in tons of traffic to a website.  While not as lucrative of a source as days gone by, they are still valuable for back links and bringing traffic to your site.  Heck, I just purchased another marketer’s top money making methods and he listed article marketing as one that he still uses to make $30 to $50 daily!  Niche is everything for this one!


Auction Sites – This one is easy; make an auction related to your niche with your link in the ad.  Just be creative and not too spammy.  Sites like eBay can be great traffic sources for the right products.