The Free Scholarship Method

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The Free Scholarship Method

If you are looking or a fast way to generate residual CPA cash, then this is the method for you. You can make a killing with it and there is no fear of saturation as it is an offline method. The method requires some work in the beginning but once set up, it can generate you autopilot income for months to come. The method is so simple that you may wonder why you didn’t think about it before.

So what you’ll be doing is to market free scholarships in various colleges. There is no dearth of students in need of scholarships and you can generate hundreds of leads per day from your local colleges alone.

What you will need

1. CPA Accounts
2. A Domain
3. Several flyers

(If you don’t have a CPA account,read the section on “how to get accepted into a CPA network” and get one now.)

The Method

1. The first step is to create a domain name such as Dotcom domains are best but if you cannot invest that much, I would advise to get an cheap .info or .com domain from 1and1.
2. Find out colleges that are situated in your area through Google Maps search engine. I am sure there are many colleges situated around where you stay.
3. You also need to create sub domains for every college you intend to market in. You can do this by indicating the college name at the start of the domain name such as: college
4. Find scholarships offered by visiting Here you will find free scholarships offers that pay $2-$5 for a short form lead.
5. Once you find a suitable offer, redirect your domain to it.
6. The next step is to get flyers. Include in your flyers your domain name. You can decide to make your own flyers and print them or you can order them from a professional printing company.
7. An easier option is to order one online. There are various printing service providers such as: or or
8. Now what you have to do is to go to the colleges you have targeted and post the flyers on bulletin boards. You can also hand them to students or stick them on car windshields. You can actually pay people to give them out on your behalf or tell a friend about it.
9. With all these promotions, you can be assured that they will work. Before you leave the school, make sure that you drop off some of them at the receptionist’s desk in the financial aid office. You can also ask for permission to drop them off at various counters in the colleges. Always remember to keep dropping off the flyers every few months for effective results.
10. College students always look for scholarships at every opportunity given; therefore it is an excellent way to generate cash flow from the CPA offers.
11. The method can also be used by those who are not in the US.

To automate the process you can register the services of someone from Craigslist or a freelancer site like to do the job for a commission based pay or flat rate pay. Choose commission based pay because it will motivate them to distribute the flyers.

So you can see that international affiliates too can easily implement this method. The most striking thing about this method is that it is highly scalable and converts so well. College students are always hungry for scholarships and they pounce on such free opportunities.

Suppose you have an offer which pays $5/lead. In order to make $1000/day with it, you just need to generate 200 leads per day which is not difficult and you can easily accomplish it on your own.

I cannot stress the fact how much scalable this method is. If you are making $1000/day on your own, you can make $5000/day by hiring 5 people to hand out flyers in their local area.

Supplementary Method

The bonus method will enable you increase the cash flow from the colleges you are targeting in your area. It works hand in hand with the “Free Scholarship” method. This will enable you to generate more revenue from your current efforts. You can combine this method with the first method as a way of killing two birds with one stone.

1. First, you need to sign up for affiliate program through Commission Junction
2. At affiliate program, you will receive commissions for each book that is sold or is bought through your link.
3. You can print out your flyers by writing something like this ‘Best Book Deals, we also buy back books, visit(your affiliate Link)’
4. Also drop off a few stacks of flyers at the counters of bookstores

With these methods, you have no excuse to not making money. All it requires is for you to take action now. The more colleges you target, the more leads you get. The method carries enormous scale up potential. This is an offline method; therefore, chances of it being saturated cannot arise.